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Does your dogs' behaviour sometimes frustrate you?

No more embarrassing situations with your dog

When you learn the basics of dog body language you are able to communicate with your dog in a way that makes them feel safe and understood. 

When your dog feels understood they are able to learn better and faster from you.

In reality dogs are geniuses but they are often so misunderstood because people don't know how to speak their language.

Whatever problem you have with your dogs' behaviour there is help available. Separation anxiety, excessive barking, lunging, growling, not coming when called etc. are all things that can be managed.

Hi, I'm Sif!

I'm originally from Iceland but have been living in Italy for a few years now. Although I speak several languages sadly my Italian is not great yet, but I'm working on that!

I've always been one of those people who just love animals, ever since I was a baby and my mom had to restrain me so I wouldn't squeeze all the dogs and cats we met on our pram walks in Reykjavik, Iceland, where I was born.

I decided to become a veterinarian when I was a little kid and my dream came true in 2003 when I graduated from Veterinary School in Copenhagen, Denmark. During my studies I was also an exchange veterinary student at the University of California in Davis, CA and before that I had gotten a B.Sc. in Biology at the University of Iceland. I later finished my degree in Small Animal Behaviour Counselling from the University of Southampton, UK. I am a lifelong student and am constantly updating my knowledge of my fascinating field.

I'm trained as a scientist so I only work with science based methods in my work with clients.

How I can help you

First lets be clear, I'm not a dog trainer. I know how to train dogs but I don't do traditional dog training classes (everyone who owns a dog should attend such a class with a quality teacher at least once in their life). People come to me for help when the training fails, most of the dogs I help don't really have an obedience problem, they have a behavioural problem. You could say that my role is more like a pet therapist. 

For more than a decade I have been helping dog parents cope with difficult behaviour in their dogs. I started working as a pet therapist when I was working as a small animal veterinarian in my veterinary hospital in Iceland. I saw people making mistakes in training their dogs and puppies, the same mistakes that I had made before I started studying behaviour at a professional level. But you don't have to study at a professional level to learn how to change your dogs' behaviour, anyone can learn the basic techniques and apply them easily and joyfully in their daily routine with their dog.

Help is here

Click here for information and resources on how to fix your dogs' behavioural problems.


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